About Randall Pain Management

Pain Management Practice located in Midwest City, OK

Why Choose Dr. Randall For Your Pain Management.

Randall Pain Management offers compassionate pain management from providers who treat their patients with dignity and respect. 

In the Midwest City, Oklahoma, office, quadruple board-certified and fellowship-trained pain management specialist Steve Randall, MD, helps patients with back, joint, neck, leg, and other types of chronic pain. The practice also welcomes worker’s compensation patients who experience injuries in the course of their job.

The Randall Pain Management specialists understand that many patients have experienced a frustrating lack of understanding and sympathy when they try to explain the agony they’re going through to others. 

They approach pain differently, taking a holistic approach that views pain in its entirety as a whole-person disease. Randall Pain Management offers treatment options like physical therapy, medication, injections, radiofrequency ablation, and precision medicine using biologics. 

In most cases, pain responds to a combination of conservative care and innovative, leading-edge treatments. Surgery is usually a last resort, but in the rare instances where it’s necessary, Randall Pain Management can refer you to a trusted surgeon. 

To get help with pain management, call the Randall Pain Management office to speak with the expert staff or request an appointment online today.