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We provide the safest and highest quality care to treat not only a patient's pain, but the patient as a whole to find a solution that is right for each individual.

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Steve Randall, M.D.

Dr. Steve E. Randall is fellowship-trained and board-certified in interventional pain management. He is also board-certified in sports medicine, family medicine, and chiropractic.

As a quadruple board-certified physician, Dr. Randall uses his extensive training to treat many pain syndromes of the spine and extremities. His expertise includes epidurals, sympathetic nerve blocks, radiofrequency denervation, spinal cord stimulator implants and kyphoplasty for vertebral fractures. Dr. Randall uses innovative biologics (amniotic fluid, BMAC, umbilical cord, exosomes) to treat pain syndromes and believes in using a holistic approach to care.

Dr. Randall provides treatment for accident injuries, acute and chronic pain, leg pain and varicosities caused by venous insufficiency .



For your convenience, our new patient forms may be completed prior to your first appointment.

Once you have filled out the forms, they must be mailed, faxed, or brought to the office the day of your appointment. Out of curtesy to our patients, we do our best to remain on schedule throughout the day. Filling out the patient forms prior to your arrival allows you more time with the physicians and less time in the waiting room.

If you have difficulty printing out the forms, please contact our office so we may mail or fax you a copy. Thank you for helping us provide the best and most efficient treatment possible. If you have any X-Rays, MRI's or doctors reports, please bring them in with you to your appointment along with your current insurance cards.

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Download Form Download PDF

Randall Pain Management accepts most insurance plans, including government-sponsored plans and private commercial insurances. Our complete list of accepted insurances changes frequently, so be sure to call our patient concierge group (405-438-0913) or your insurer to verify contracting status.

Our goal is to offer a friendly environment where you are treated as a person with dignity and respect. We treat your pain as a whole, offering a multitude of treatments including injections (epidurals, nerve blocks, nerve burns, stimulators and more), medications, physical therapy, and biologics.

No Money Out of Your Pocket! We understand that you didn’t cause this accident, so we’re not going to ask you to pay out of your own pocket to get your injuries treated. If you have an attorney, we will work with them and make sure you get the treatment you need. If you don’t have an attorney, we can pursue the insurance of the party that injured you directly.

Varicose veins can often be more than just a cosmetic problem. Varicosities are caused by insufficient blood flow in superficial veins flowing to the lower extremities which can result in leg pain, swelling, restless legs, cramping and even puts you at an increased risk for blood clots known as DVTs. Using ultrasound guidance, procedures can be performed that shut down these insufficient veins forcing blood to go into the appropriate deep veins. This restores blood flow and resolves these symptoms.

Our doctors and staff use the latest technologies to help patients manage, resolve, and relieve pain so each patient can return to an active and productive life.

Dr. Randall has been treating patients for 10 years in the OKC metro and surrounding cities. Randall pain is an interventional-based clinic providing acute and chronic pain relief. Dr. Randall evaluates every patient to determine an individualized plan according to the patient's needs and objectives.
Dr. Randall also enhances wellness, levels of health, and fitness rehabilitation.

Dr. Randall's hospital affiliates: One Core Hospital, St. Anthony Hospital, Integris Hospital.