Steve Randall, MD


Steve Randall

Steve Randall, M.D.

Board Certified in Interventional Pain Management

Steve Randall, MD, is a quadruple board-certified and fellowship-trained pain management specialist, highly skilled in interventional pain management, pain medicine, and rehabilitation. Dr. Randall sees patients at Randall Pain Management in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

As a quadruple board-certified physician, Dr. Randall uses his extensive training to treat many spine and extremities pain syndromes. His expertise includes epidurals, sympathetic nerve blocks, radiofrequency denervation, spinal cord stimulator implants, and kyphoplasty for vertebral fractures.

He uses innovative biologics, amniotic fluid, BMAC, and umbilical cord to treat pain syndromes and believes in using a holistic approach to care.

Dr. Randall offers treatment for accident injuries, acute and chronic pain, neck pain, leg pain, and varicosities caused by venous insufficiency. He is also board-certified in sports medicine, family medicine, and chiropractic.

The practice welcomes worker’s compensation patients who experience injuries during their job, including work-related automobile accidents.

Dr. Randall provides compassionate care and excellent pain management services, always treating his patients respectfully and with dignity. He welcomes all patients into the practice and looks forward to serving you.